BullPower 2040 B

The gasoline generator-charger 2040B is the smallest and quietest 12 volt battery charger of its kind, he has a particularly low noise that certainly does not interfere with you and your environment, using a completely closed housing which is equipped with a special sound-proof materials. This 4 stroke engine is powered with gasoline without adding oil to the fuel, the battery-charger is virtually smokeless and odorless so it is ecologically for the environment. The 2040B is equipped with an automatic start system and a control panel with all necessary control functions, becomes with a 5 meter cable to use your generator remotely. On the stand “AUTO” start the generator automatically as soon as the battery voltage is too low e.g. 12,20 Volt and load than according to a time set. This battery charger is available in 20 Ampere or 40 Ampere depending on your needs and battery capacity. Also you can use a converter for all your electrical appliances; hair dryer, coffee maker etc ... in other words independently of a power column. The generator is very easy to install as well as mounted on the floor with simple ground fixing or for hung installation with chassis mount.

Product sheet