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With standard plug DC12451650 (1).
The duo charging cable (red/black), with a length of 5 m,
is fitted as standard with a plug (1) and pre-fitted cable lugs
on the ends (2).
As an option, professional alligator clamps (3) can be
attached to the charging cable for connecting to the battery.
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Part 1 > Internal wall mounting : duo charging cable fitted with a socket for wall attachment
and 2 cable lugs on the end for battery connection (1).
Part 2 >duo charging cable fitted with 2 plugs (2) to connect the wall socket to the generator.

Note : total length part 1 + part 2 = 7 m. Longer lengths on request.
The length of each section can be individually determined.

Zekering houder-zekering 70A
OPTION : fuse holder + 70 A fuse
Recommended for permanent installation.
To be fitted between the battery and the duo charging cable (only the “+”).
Fuse holder : DC1245ZH
Fuse : DC1245Z70
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