BullPower DC 1245

This 12 V portable generator is the cream of the crop, with its ultra-quiet motor it generates up to 45 A, enabling it to quickly charge a battery with ease. Thanks to the sturdy plug, which is connected directly to the battery, the generator can start charging in no time.

The perfect intelligent charging system ensures that you can safely charge 12 V lead-acid deepcycle or semi-traction, gel and AGM batteries in no time. This means you can easily charge the daily consumption (± 40 A) of your motorhome, boat, cabin, etc. via the battery in less than 1 hour, giving your battery a ± 95 % full charge.

-Load capacity after 1 hour

The BullPower generator is connected directly to the battery, and from there any energy-consumers can be connected. No more worries about your energy needs, even if you’re using several appliances at the same time. The generator can also be connected to the battery via a wall socket.

    Engine type Air-cooled 4-
    stroke engine
    Starting system Pull start
    Engine capacity 52 cc
    Tank capacity 2,98 L
    Fuel type Unleaded petrol,
    min. 93 oct.
    Operating time per tank 5.5 - 11 hours
    Noise level dB(A) 7 m 53-59
    DC voltage Max. 14,4 Volt
    DC current max. 45 A
    Oil alarm V
    Overload alarm V
    Choke V
    L x W x H (mm) 463 x 316 x 381
    Weight 13,8 kg
    Certification CE
1 Filling cap with filter
3 Position 1 : quick charging
max. 14.4 V / max. 45 A
Position 2 : maintenance charging
max. 13.8 V / max. 45 A
4Socket with rubber seal for duo flex
battery cable
5Indication: charging, overload alarm and oil alarm
6On/off switch
7Pull starter
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